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Accurate Tally Information

Accurate Tally Information

"PictureTally ® gives us an exact width on each board in a bundle; accurate tally information at our fingertips both on and off-site."

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Welcome to the PictureTally ® website. PictureTally ® is a family of automation products and services for lumber manufacturers and industrial process control.

PictureTally ® systems are built using state-of-the-art technologies in digital cameras, lasers, computers, software, and control systems. We design, develop, install, and support our products and systems from concept to completion.

PictureTally ® is a camera-based system for fast, accurate tallies of lumber bundles.

PictureTally ® for Logs scales logs on a knuckle boom or on a production line.

PictureTally ® LineView uses real-time pictures of lumber faces without turning lumber.

BinTally is an in-line tally system for measuring and sorting lumber.

Custom Projects are key to our business; call us for machine vision systems.